Saturday, November 5, 2011

Alabama vs LSU Game

I guess the little fatty was a little bored with the game tonight. I can't say I blame her, 6 to 6 going into overtime. Ridiculous. What made it worse was the scum bag Les Miles getting another victory. I don't understand why he is placed on a pedestal when it is pretty common knowledge that his team is comprised of a bunch of thugs. The worst of the thugs get suspended for 1 game or so against terrible teams, therefore there is really no punishment to LSU. The whole college football establishment is a joke. Unfortunately it looks like another SEC National Champion is in the works for this year. I bet they will soon find out that the last 4 National Champions have been cheating all along, paying their players, encouraging steriod use, and providing "Escorts" for all the top players in the program.

Layla hopefully will show more interest in watching sports with me than Catie. I kept rewinding the game to make Catie watch a certain play so I could point out something I thought was interesting, a great catch or a hard hit, I don't think Catie was too impressed.

Another earthquake tonight. Catie woke up, she was napping upstairs while I have been watching the kid, and she asked me what was going on. The earthquake was actually pretty long. Catie woke up immediately. I was holding Layla. She didn't even move. College football put her out cold.


  1. Ha ha. John always rewinds plays for me too. I will have to direct him here for the football recap since he was on a plane over the Atlantic puking all night. That is crazy about the earthquake. Babies like Layla must inspire the saying sleep like a baby. Love the pics. Please keep the post coming (my mom is an avid reader too:)

  2. Catie sounds like Jess. It seems like Layla kept you good company though.