Saturday, December 26, 2009

You Have to Surrender Eventually...

Catie took advantage of me. Probably told Rich to give me a remote-controlled warthog (from Halo) for Christmas so that she could exploit my joy for a photo-op. Devil woman...(I made it black and white, just to spite her)

White Christmas 2009

So it actually snowed in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, Catie and I drive a gangster/grandma mobile. Yeah that's right, we like the low-riders. But anyway, I coerced Catie in to seeing Avatar, a 2 hour and 40 minute film in spite of the rapid snowfall. Well sure enough, after the movie was over that car wasn't going anywhere. Fast forward an hour into the future, and we were slowly headed back home, after a stop at Seth and Caroline's to eat free food and harass our nephews. By the way, I managed to dig the car out of the parking lot unassisted, not by choice, but because here in Oklahoma, the supposed land of hospitality, no one except for a skinny kid with no coat offered assistance. And my only tool was a random board that happened to be in the trunk of Catie's car. Whatever. Who doesn't like rolling around in the snow in their good clothes for an hour clutching a 2X4 while screaming obscenities face-down in the snow on Christmas Eve. (the above picture was taken on our way into the movies, so that is why the conditions look fine)

Christmas 2009 at the Crane Home

Not much explanation needed for this picture. The only benefit of carrying your wife's purse would have to be that I am always in possession of the camera, and therefore, very rarely in the picture. (Curtis, Catie, and Lisa, for those of you who are a little slow...)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cuban Gettin' Excited

Doesn't really look like a billionaire does he? He was drinking apple juice too. Weird guy.

Dirk at the Line

Just when your spouse starts complaining about their job, they go and do something like this. Now I can't help but want Catie to keep working there even when we have kids, just so I can occasionally feel like a rich person. 3 rows behind the Mavs bench, 6 feet from Mark Cuban. And the leg room can not be believed unless you experience it yourself.