Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Future Home

I thought i should put up a picture to show the beauty of Hawaii.  This house, i think, shows it all.  Unfortunately, a home like this would cost upwards of $3 million.  Also unfortunate, my most recent pay raise at Merkley's only brings us into the $2 million dollar range, but so close.
Me, John, and Jessica riding off into the sunset on some friendly dolphins.  Its a good thing i got that waterproof wallet with the velcro flaps, and luckily Flipper could break a $100.  Catie took the picture, and i remember asking her why she was using the underwater camera at such a distance OUT OF WATER.  It turned out quite nicely though.  Also, i look just like Brad Pitt from this distance, or at least that's what my mom tells me.

Killer Sea Turtle?

I thought that i should post a picture of the sea turtles we spent so much time trying to find.  I believe that this particular picture was captured after this turtle, in the opinion of my wife, tried to disembowel her.  While catie and i were swimming back to the boat that took us to a point known as "Turtle Town", catie began to grab and claw at me as if Jaws himself was approaching.  At that moment, i suppressed the urge to scream like a woman and looked at what i could only assume would be a man eating beast.  To my surprise, what i beheld was a very slow moving, large sea turtle.  I took many photos, but it is pretty hard to be precise with an underwater camera.  John, Catie, Jessica, and I were fortunate enough to see many of these calm animals on our trip, certainly for me one of the highlights of our trip to Hawaii.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I chose this picture as visual evidence of the mental and physical abuse i sustained while on my vacation in Maui.  To think of the torment and turmoil i endured there is almost too much to bear.  Another pic from our hike on the Road to Hana.  This is in front of a small waterfall that leads to a pool and cave.  It is almost ridiculous to think about all the beauty that can be found in Hawaii in comparison to all that is missing in Oklahoma.  And if you're wondering, Catie and i had to sort through countless pictures to finally decide that this one makes the cut.  Copy, paste, and photoshop us out at your leisure.

The hike from "H" "E" "Double Hockey Sticks"

Please excuse the title, but i am trying to keep this blog appropriate for all ages.  This is just one of the many beautiful pictures we took while in Maui.  As my brother pointed out, the pictures are kind of lame with no people in it, but i feel my fat head merely tarnishes the beauty of the photograph.  Enjoy the waterfall, meanwhile i'm still recovering from busting my fat ace up a mountain trail trying to keep up with my skinny older brother.

Our first attempt

At the urging of my brother John and his wife Jessica, I decided to create a blog for my wife.  She already facebooks, but i thought she would enjoy messing around on this thing, if only to put up ridiculous pictures of ourselves and family members for others to view and ridicule.  We recently returned from a trip to Hawaii made possible by my brother and his wife, who i am not ashamed to say make considerably more money than catie and me.  More to come, catie is here.  They look good huh, the bastadges (Catie is making me keep it clean, the bastadge).